Great manufacturing means great specialisation.
From mass consumption to the professional sector.

The highly specialised Cuki Cofresco is active throughout the market, covering an extremely wide range of products. No matter what your need, we have a solution for it. Explore our world of products and choose. It’s as simple as that.


Headquarter: Volpiano (Torino)

Production Sites:

Frosinone A: Production of aluminum rolls , film, paper oven , lids for the closure of aluminum trays, trays in cardboard, polyethylene bags (65,300 square meters of which 22,500 are covered).

Frosinone B: Production and packaging of lids and aluminum trays (12,500 square meters of which 8,500 are covered).

Pontinia (LT): Production of aluminum containers, polypropylene, PET for professional use (101,100 square meters of which 19,500 are covered).


Production Sites:

Cuki France - La Terrasse, France: Production of aluminum trays (18,000 square meters of which 10,000 are covered).

Cuki Alfatec - Poznan, Poland: Production of aluminum trays (10,000 square meters of which 5,000 are covered).

Cuki Green - Istanbul, Turkey: Production of aluminum rolls and aluminum trays (11,000 square meters of which 6,000 are covered).

Main equipment:

More than 60 presses for Aluminium containers with various powers
Over 20 rewinders for rolls of aluminum foil and parchment paper
More than 10 thermoforming machines for plastic trays
4 automatic lines for packaging containers
3 extrusion lines for polypropylene
3 thermoforming trays cardboard
5 cutters for lids and other products in cardboard
2 extruders for polyethylene film


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