Experience , versatility and commitment

Content is essential in determining the quality of a food. Its "form" is equally important, however: packaging is indispensable for preserving food properties, flavours and characteristics. Storage is a crucial aspect of the food industry production cycle. For the past fifty years, the Comital group has devoted a great deal of energy to the food industry through technological research and innovative entrepreneurship.
Its two main productive sectors are: food wrapping and containers (Comital Brands) and rolled aluminium products (Comital Alluminio). The result is an extremely varied range of articles, an integrated industrial system and excellent production diversification. What these factors add up to is great versatility and dynamism in responding to an equally varied and diverse market. Cuki Cofresco Professional is a specialised division of the group dedicated to supplying all the food packaging needs of our professional clients, with products in aluminium, plastic and paper.

Company history

  1. Comital S.p.A. is formed.
  2. The Cuki brand name is registered.
  3. Comital Cofresco is created as a joint venture in anticipation of production rises in "mass-consumption products". The contribution of the industrial and commercial activities, respectively, Cuki and Domopak , leading brands in the field of packaging consumer products.
  4. Acquisition of Europack, specialised in the production of food packaging for the professional sector.
  5. Cuki Professional is created from a merger between Comital Horeca and Europack. Its mission is to best satisfy the needs of professional clients in Italy and abroad by providing food packaging made from aluminium, plastic and pet-coated paper.
  6. Cuki Cofresco S.r.l. became the new name of Comital Cofresco S.p.A., created to valorize the Cuki brand, market leader in food preservation and cooking. Cuki Cofresco S.r.l. operates in the professional market with the Cuki Professional brand.
  7. Cuki Cofresco S.r.l. acquires control of the Turkish company operating in Ilmak Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS , which has headquarters and factory in Istanbul, with the aim to better serve the markets of the Balkans and the Middle East with a direct manufacturing and commercial presence.
  8. CUKI Cofresco Srl create Cuki France, with headquarters and plant at La Terrasse, with the aim of serving and supervising the French market and most of the European countries, such as Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and the UK.
  9. The joint venture is formed with the Polish company Cuki Alfatec, with headquarters and plant in Poznan, destined to develop expansion projects on the Eastern European markets.
  10. Melitta Group Management GmbH & Co. KG acquires 100% of Cuki Group SpA shares.