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DomoLiving is the Company just set up by Cuki and Melitta group, purely focused on HOME STORAGE ORGANIZATION.

Using our Domopak Living brand and after 7 years of business success and positive reaction from the consumer side, we continue with even more energy to operate in this amazing category, never forgiving the principles we used since the beginning: innovation, quality, mix between italian and rest of the world made products, an international team very expert and passionate for the category.

Our catalogues PLASTIC and SOFT STORAGE offer a modern, creative and functional answer the constantly increasing need of space organization at home, when travelling, in office.

To help consumers in organizing at the best level the space where they leave: this is our ambitious goal since ever.

We offer 2 different catalogues, similar under the esthetical and color mood point of view:

  • DOMOPAK LIVING SOFT STORAGE: plenty of ideas to help you better organize your space at home (in the closet, in the bathroom, in entrance room, in kids room) and outdoor when travelling. Various materials, unlimited colors and patterns, creativity and functionality behind.
  • DOMOPAK LIVING PLASTIC STORAGE: all items made in plastic at our factory located in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), providing solutions to better store shoes, to properly organize the closet and other rooms of the house.

Click on the images to see the catalogs:

DL catalogo soft storage 2018   catalogo plastic DL 2018 - prima pagina

Stay connected with us, discover our TALENT FOR STORAGE, be ready for constantly updated new and interesting items, visit – from Spring 2019 – our brand new web site.