Nov 20 2012



Cuki and Giugiaro Design change the rules in the aluminum tray market

The new Ultra Forza range is born: aluminum trays with a design expression of functionality and resistance. Cuki reinvents the rules in the aluminum tray market by launching Ultra Forza, the new range of aluminum containers which represents a real innovation in the world of cooking. The re-engineering of the trays, product category in which Cuki is the historic leader in the Italian market, has been committed to the company symbol of industrial design, Giugiaro Design, which conducted particular studies and tests on physical answer of aluminum. The new trays show tangible improvements in functionality and endurance, with a new reinforced structure that - with the same amount of aluminum - enhances the robustness and increases by 20% its resistance to stress. The Ultra Forza range allows a higher practicality and versatility in use, with ergonomic handles reinforcing the resistance in twisting and strengthened corners for an enhanced stability and resistance; the performance is greatly improved by wrinkles that increase the non-stick performances and allow a better heat distribution. With this innovation Cuki reaffirms its leadership as a premium brand in the market, offering an innovative product with high technological content with a qualitative commercial differentiation. in a market crowded by private labels and by long flattened on an offer with no distinctive character.