Social Responsibility

Cuki Cofresco's commitment to Social Responsibility is reflected in its various programmes related to anti-waste initiatives and the use of recycled and recyclable materials in its products.

Food Saving Programmes


Cuki‘s extensive experience in food preservation has given rise to numerous anti-waste solidarity initiatives intended to diffuse a new culture of responsible consumption.

An example is the Cuki ‘Save the Food’ project that supports Siticibo, the Food Bank programme to prevent food waste in canteens and in mass catering venues, which provides people in need with food aid on a day-to-day basis.


Food portions recovered at April 01, 2024


The ‘Save Bag’ initiative is yet another example, with the Cuki doggy bag that allows people to take any leftover food home from restaurants.

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Social Responsability - Partnership Banco Alimentare

Circular Economy


Cuki Cofresco has always been mindful of an environmentally-friendly approach when developing its products. With this in mind, we take great pride in communicating the positive impacts that derive from our raw materials.

Cuki for Social Causes


Cuki Cofresco supports associations committed to social causes, to help virtuous local organisations.

Examples include ‘Magazzini OZ’ in Turin, with ties to Casa OZ, an organisation that welcomes children and families suffering the effects of disease and illness, and the ‘Corporate Golden Donor’ project to develop a large-scale environmental and territorial safeguarding project alongside the FAI National Trust of Italy.

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Educational Programmes and Culture for healthy, clean and fair food


Cuki Cofresco has always been committed to projects that help to diffuse food education: from an interest in the land and seasonality, to respect for our food culture.

Cuki Cofresco has been an Official Supporter of Slow Food Italia since 2018, to share values and ideas, support high-quality productions, promote the culture of eating that is healthy, clean and fair, fighting food waste.

Cuki Cofresco is part of the ‘Orto in Condotta’ project, in partnership with Slow Food: 400 primary schools working alongside Slow Food managers, with Cuki creating comics to educate children about proper food storage.

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Social Responsability - partnership Slow Food