Cuki Consumer

Cuki Cofresco S.r.l. serves the mass consumer market under the Cuki and Domopak brands; in Italy, they lead the way in terms of products for food preservation and cooking, but also in the home storage and bin liner sectors respectively under the Domopak Living and Domopak Spazzy brands.

Cuki Consumer

A market leader in Italy since 1968 thanks to the quality and safety of its products, Cuki is the kitchen specialist.

The wide range of Cuki products provides high-performance solutions for storing, cooking, freezing, preparing and serving food.

All Cuki products, in addition to undergoing strict conformity tests carried out at every stage of the production process, have been designed specifically to have a reduced environmental impact.

Domopak guarantees practical and safe solutions for all household requirements: from traditional products for preparing and storing food, to those designed for freezing and cooking food.

Domopak Spazzy is the complete line of bin liners that combines functionality, resistance and environmental awareness. It uses a patented and certified production process, which allows the recovery of plastic items from waste separation, a renewed raw material for the production of bin liners and specific products dedicated to waste collection.

A complete range to best meet the needs of consumers: high-performing, practical and resistant bags that are also environmentally friendly.

DomoLiving, the company established by Cuki and the Melitta Group, is purely focused on home storage organization.

With the Domopak Living brand, and after 10 years of business success and positive reactions from consumers, Cuki’s constant progress in this exciting sector continues, without forgoing the principles that have characterised the company since the very beginning: innovation, product quality, the perfect blend of made-in-Italy and international manufacturing and an international team of highly qualified and passionate individuals.

Our Soft and Plastic Storage catalogues offer a modern, creative and functional solution to the ever-increasing need for room in our homes, when travelling and in our offices.

At Domopak Living, our ambitious aim has always been to help our customers to best organise the spaces they live in.

We therefore provide two different catalogues that nonetheless complement one another in terms of decorative elements and colours.