Nov 10 2014



Comital SpA Shareholders’ Meeting

Those entitled to participate and vote are called to attend the Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders' meeting at the registered office in Volpiano, Strada Brandizzo 130, on November 25th 2014 at 12.00 a.m and, if required, on second call, November 26th 2014 at the same venue and time, in order to resolve upon the following agenda: Ordinary session: Reduction of the number of members of the Board of Directors Extraordinary session: Proposal to amend the following articles of the Bylaws: Art. 1 (Company name); Art. 10 (Convocation and representation at Shareholders' meetings); Art. 11 (Right to attend at Shareholders' meetings); Art. 18 (Board of Directors); Art. 19 (Appointment, replacement and termination of the Board of Directors members); Art. 21 (Board of Directors powers); Art. 23 (Board members revocation); Art. 26 (Statutory Auditors); abrogation of Art. 40 (Arbitration clause) and approval of new Art. 40 (Competent Court) of the Bylaws; related resolutions. The documentation which will be submitted to the Shareholders' meeting is available to shareholders within the terms and with the manners provided for the applicable provisions, at the Company's registered office.