Cuki celebrates 10 years of ‘Cuki Save the Food’, its fight/battle against food waste

On 4th November in Milan Cuki celebrated the first ten years of its 'Cuki Save The Food' project, hosting a media event to highlight this important, Cuki-sponsored programme to reduce food waste.

In collaboration with Banco Alimentare Cuki organized a roundtable discussion with the Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family, Elena Bonetti, the Hon. Maria Chiara Gadda, a first signatory to the Law against food waste, 166/2016, the General Secretary of Banco Alimentare, Marco Lucchini, Corrado Ariaudo and Carlo Bertolino, CEO and Cuki Marketing & CSR Manager respectively, Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Unipol Group Sustainability Manager and Unipolis Foundation Director, and Paolo dell’Oca, spokesperson for the Arché Foundation.

Celebrations weren’t just limited to debating the important issues, however: the participants rolled up their sleeves and took to the ovens at the cookery school of the historic magazine La Cucina Italiana, where they took part in the ‘Relay Race for Others’. Those present, in a great collaborative effort, cooked 850 meals, which were then donated by Banco Alimentare to the Opera Messa della Carità and other charities.

This symbolic initiative was conceived to recreate, in a small way, the great and valuable work that Banco Alimentare does every day, supported by Cuki, to recover surplus food and distribute it to charitable organisations throughout Italy. A partnership that since 2011, the year in which 'Cuki Save The Food' was born, has successfully recovered and redistributed over/more than 20 million meals.

Special thanks go to all the participants of the roundtable and to our friends who took part in the relay: the 4th Year students of the Istituto Alberghiero Paolo Frisi in Milan, Luca Bianchini, best-selling author, film/movie screenwriter and radio show host, Fabio De Santis, Alstom HR Manager, Linda Messerklinger, actress and well-known face of the soap opera, CentroVetrine, Alessandro Martire, composer and pianist, Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Unipol Group Sustainability Manager and Unipolis Foundation Director, Simone Tempia, editor, author, writer and critic, Andrea Zalone, actor, voice actor and writer and creator of TV shows, and Fabio Zaffagnini, Founder & General Manager of Rockin’ 1000.