DOMOPAK SPAZZY SAVE THE GREEN: the new CSR project in partnership with Junker app

Domopak Spazzy becomes the promoter of a Social Responsibility project called Save The Green.

Domopak Spazzy claims its expertise in environmental topics, leveraging its key position in the production process of post-consumer recycled polyethylene bin liners.

Save The Green has been created in partnership with Junker app to promote sustainability actions and to raise consumer awareness on issues related to recycling.

Junker is the free app that will helps Italian consumers to recycle properly the products of the supermarkets: by scanning the product’s barcode, the app tells the users how to sort it correctly.

Domopak Spazzy, with Save The Green project, intends to deeply involve citizens into the ecological process towards a real circular economy.

Domopak Spazzy will reward the most virtuous Municipality, selected basing on citizens’ scans on Junker app, giving the community a contribution to recovery of some public green areas.

The campaign will run until 30 November 2021.

The project will be supported by a social media campaign.

Furthermore, Domopak Spazzy has customized the packs of its products to promote the campaign Save The Green and to make the use of Junker even more accessible.


Click here to visit Domopak Spazzy Save The Green web site