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Aluminium containers & lids

Aluminium is an excellent material because it is 100% recyclable countless times and its quality is not altered in the process, making it one of the most eco-sustainable materials.

Aluminium containers are 100% recyclable and recycling them means using 95% less energy compared to the production of the raw, extracted material, which makes aluminium a very eco-sustainable material.

Other important factors in choosing aluminium containers is the material's high thermal conductivity, high resistance to heat, the 100% barrier to light, fat, water, oxygen and CO2. It is completely hygienic because does not favour microbial proliferation and does not interact with the food.

The range of aluminium containers (with or without lid) offered by Cuki Professional comprises over 500 moulds that differ in shape, size and design, and are ideal for transporting, storing, heating, presenting and serving food at table.

Smoothwall containers


Thanks to an innovative and patented design that combines elegance and strength, Cuki Professional has introduced a new premium line dedicated to professional users, capable of meeting all technical Ho.Re.Ca industry packaging requirements.

Tests performed using the FEM model showed that, compared to the previous Cuki model of equal thickness, the new Cuki Professional container was 17% more resistant to filling, 40% more resistant to side pressure and 12% more to longitudinal torsion (these last two elements refer to better performance when removing the container from the oven and during transport).

Stress analysis (FEM) Test simulation

Traditional containers

A wide range of aluminium containers for all professional requirements in many different shapes (rectangular, circular and oval).

  • G-Flange trays (with rolled-edge flange): perfect for hot solutions (traditional and microwave oven), they can be closed with manual clamping machines using pre-formed aluminium lids or manually closed with clip-on plastic lids.
  • L-Flange trays (with vertical-flange edge): containers with aluminium or polypropylene (PP) coupled cardboard lids, folded either manually or using manual folding machines. Ideal for storing and freezing food.
  • Serving dishes: suitable for serving and displaying food.
  • Special range: more unusual shapes for specific uses, such as hearts, shells or madeleines.


A complete range of lids to solve problems related to transporting and storing food.

Cuki Professional offers two lines of lids: aluminium or PET coupled cardboard lids (suitable for L-flange aluminium containers) and 100% aluminium lids, suitable for G-flange aluminium containers.

The range of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) lids are ideal for the perfect presentation of dishes, in either G-flange aluminium containers (snap closure) or L-flange containers (folding closure).

Countless solutions for all Ho.Re.Ca industry requirements.

Specific ranges

Happy Hour


Cuki Professional Happy Hour is the new line of aluminium trays designed to make the trendiest culinary occasions exclusive and original: aperitifs, appetisers, receptions, theme evenings and gala evenings are but a few of the gastronomy occasions in which to use the super new Happy Hour line.



Smoothwall aluminium containers with smooth walls and folded corners that guarantee perfect cooking and baking, with the best presentation.

Ideal for small cakes (plum cakes) and savoury cakes (meat pies).



Special products for barbequing, such as aluminium grids in many shapes and sizes, aluminium containers for cooking and trays for serving food.


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