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Aluminium containers

One of the properties that make aluminium such an excellent material is that it can be 100% recycled an unlimited number of times with no alterations in quality.

Aluminium containers provide a unique combination of properties that help prevent food decay (thus reducing food waste), in addition to having unique characteristics that are useful in the food industry:

  • it is one of the most eco-sustainable materials and follows the rules of circular economy;
  • high thermal conductivity;
  • high resistance to heat (600°C);
  • excellent shaping properties (can be moulded into different shapes);
  • maximum hygiene, as it does not favour microbial proliferation and does not interact with the food;
  • 100% barrier to light, grease, water, oxygen and CO2.

Product performance


Cuki Professional has been studying specific solutions for the food industry for more than 60 years. It offers traditional and smoothwall containers, bare or lacquered aluminium trays that meet all the needs of the food industry.

Customers in the food industry all have different needs; by following a step-by-step innovation process, Cuki Professional can provide specific solutions that are coherent with the customers’ requirements, maintaining an appealing design and top performance in its production process.

Cuki Professional containers are suitable for:

  • industrial applications that include packaging systems such as overwrapping, flowpack, tray lidding and tray skin;
  • freezing and cold filling processes of the fresh food industry (e.g. meat, fish), and hot filling processes.

Aluminium smoothwall container line


The resistance and easier handling of smoothwall containers are ideal for professional applications.

The products’ variety of shapes, sizes and thickness allow Cuki Professional to cover all professional needs, providing food industry operators with tailored products made according to the customers’ specific needs.

There is also plenty of room for “coupelles”, used in heat-sealing lines with preformed lids.

Traditional aluminium container line


Traditional aluminium containers are usually used in the industry as a support for food, especially in the cake and pastry sector, and in the ready-made sector (e.g. lasagne, cannelloni, etc.).

Cuki Professional also has the greatest range of “tourtieres” in Europe.



  • Innovation, Aluminium containers