Cuki Professional

For more than 50 years now, Cuki Cofresco has been investing in the food industry, in terms of technological research and the highest possible certified quality standards.
Thanks to a wide range of products, an integrated industrial system, and rational production diversification, Cuki Professional represents a specific division to best meet the supply needs of Professional customers as regards aluminium, plastic and cardboard food-grade containers.

Cuki Consumer

Ho.Re.Ca perfect partner

Cuki Professional has developed a series of products made from aluminium, plastic, compostable material, cardboard and baking paper that have been specifically designed for the Ho.Re.Ca channel, in order to satisfy all sector requirements, from bars and restaurants, to delicatessens and food service operators. With in excess of 500 aluminium moulds and 100 plastic moulds for the food-to-go segment, Cuki Professional is the undisputed leader in the production of aluminium and PP traditional-format containers and trays. Moreover, in the food-to-go market, the company boasts a special range of aluminium grills for barbeques and a new and innovative aluminium line designed for 'happy hour', with containers that have been specially designed to contain the most varied of foods, from snails, scallops and roasts, to various shapes of puddings and cakes. What's more, the company also offers a brand-new line of grease-proof and non-stick baking paper containers, ideal for use in both traditional ovens and microwaves, as well as for the presentation of all oven-baked products.
Wrinked wall

Aluminium containers & lids

The offering of Cuki Professional aluminium containers (with and without lid) comprises over 500 moulds, which differ in terms of shape, size and design, and are ideal for transporting, storing, re-heating, presenting and serving food.
Contenitori in plastica

Plastic containers

A wide range of plastic containers for different application contexts, suitable for both hot and cold food and available in different shapes with different closure mechanisms and mechanical properties.
Contenitori compostabili cover

Compostable containers

Cuki Cofresco has developed a new line of compostable, certified and heat-sealable containers, suitable for hot fillings and for re-heating food in the microwave. Also available in green and blue-coloured versions.
Contenitori in cellulosa cover

Cellulose containers

Wide range of cardboard and PET-coupled containers, ideal for re-heating ready meals in traditional ovens and microwaves, in addition to baking paper containers for cooking and serving oven-baked products.
Catering cover

Catering products

A vast selection of plates and gastronorm range in aluminium, PP and compostable material, developed for collective catering needs. Thermoboxes to house the various container formats and maintain the temperature of the content.
Avvolgenti per alimenti

Food wrapping

Aluminium, cling film, baking paper and cooking film, ideal for storage and cooking, as well as all other professional requirements.

Catering dispensers

Cuki Professional Wrapmaster catering dispensers come in a variety of sizes to suit any professional kitchen, simplifying the lives of professional restaurateurs and chefs.
Sacchi nettezza

Bin liners

Complete range of bin liners in recycled PE and biodegradable materials for professional usage.

Innovation for the Food Industry

Cuki Professional is the ideal partner for industrial tailor-made developments combining high-performance technical characteristics and an aesthetically-pleasing and innovative design, thereby representing the perfect combination of know-how and creativity. An offering in PP and aluminium ideal for flow-pack packaging systems, heat-sealing in a modified atmosphere, and tray skin packaging for ready meals and ready-to-cook products in the protein (fish, meat and poultry), processed vegetables and fresh pasta industries. Lacquered aluminium trays specifically developed for the hot filling applications for fruit compotes, jams, meat paté and fresh desserts. Traditional wrinkledwall aluminium containers suitable for bakery and frozen meals industries.

Aluminium trays

For sixty years now, Cuki Professional has been studying tailor-made solutions for smoothwall trays and bare or lacquered aluminium trays, for all food industry requirements.
Contenitori compostabili cover

Compostable trays

Cuki Professional has recently developed a new line of compostable trays (certified EN 13432 by Certiquality with the authorisation from C.I.C. to use the 'compostable logo'), suitable for flow-pack packaging systems and heat-sealing in a modified atmosphere, as well as for hot fillings, pasteurisation and re-heating in microwave ovens.
Contenitori in cellulosa cover

Cellulose containers

A wide range of cardboard trays laminated with heat-sealable PET liners suitable for cooking ready meals in traditional ovens and microwaves. Baking paper containers ideal for the cooking and presentation of oven-baked products.
Catering cover

Plastic trays

Mono-material and heat-resistant formats available in different colours and in ultra-clear versions, ideal for all packaging systems in a modified atmosphere and suitable for hot fillings, pasteurisation and re-heating in microwave ovens. They also boast a barrier effect for a shelf life comparable to that of coextruded or laminated EVOH structures.